Man Saving Babies #1

October 2003- Oil on Canvas. 4' X 5' Property of Steve Tucker

This is the first panel of a triptych. The second panel was painted in 2005, and in it the figure was just watching the babies fall instead of trying to save them. This painting was suddenly ripped to pieces by the "artist" himself at an exhibition a few years ago. In the third panel, which has not yet been painted and possibly never will be, the figure is sitting on the ground with a bottle of wine while fallen babies pile up all around him.

Orpheus Meets Eurydice

November 2003- Oil on Canvas. 3' X 6' Property of Tommi Zamora

The Naming of the Trask Sons

February 2004- Oil on Canvas. 4' X 5' Property of Jessica Riley

This is a representation of a scene from East of Eden, by John Steinbeck. I consider myself an Evangelical Steinbeckian and this a work in religious homage to his scriptures.

Spring Semester

April 2004- Oil on Linoleum. 6' X 3' Propery of Colin Bagel

Bar Scene

September 2004-Mixed Media on Wood. 5' X 6' Property of Chet Madden

Goddamn Pixies

February 2005- Mixed Media on Wood. Property of Ksenia Kruglanskaya

The figure is as burnt and torn as the wood he is painted on. I dislike pixies and elves, or anything else that wants to crawl into your ears and cause discomfort. I feel it is important to keep your ears covered as often as possible.

People Are Basically Good

March 2005- Mixed Media on Wood. 4' X 3' Property of Megan Atherton

May 13th, 2005

September 2005- Mixed Media on Wood. 5' X 6' Location Uncertain

When this painting was first exhibited, a young lady with boots became inexplicably enraged, and threw her beer bottle, her boots, and many verbal obscenities at this painting. Then she went outside into the rain, picked up a handful of mud, came back in and flung the mud all over the painting. The mud dried and has been on it ever since. It made the painting look much better. I not only allow art criticism such as this in my galleries, but encourage it.

Jealous Bastard

October 2005- Mixed Media on Wood. 3' X 1' Property of Jake Stanhouse

Manila... Winter

January 2006- Mixed Media on Wood. 5' X 6' Property of Jordan Huff

People Do What They Think Is Best

March 2006- Oil on Canvas. 8' X 10' Property of Elliott T. Brooks

Promisers/Fate of the Animals

April 2006- Oil on Canvas. 6' X 3' Property of Andrew Steele O'Connor

Arturo, Cammilla, and Sammy.

September 2006- Oil on Canvas. 5' X 6' Property of Jess Shaw

"She was like a stranger to me. All the fight and glory of her was drained like blood from her veins. She stood off by herself, a creature without spirit or will, her shoulder blades humped, her head drooping as though too heavy for her neck. Behind us Camilla worked as Sammy talked incessantly." Ask the Dust, by John Fante

Beset by Maenads

October 2006- Oil on Canvas. 5' X 6' Property of Jessica Riley
Maenad (n)-
1. a female votary of Dionysus, who took part in the wild, orgiastic rites that characterized his worship, bacchante. 2. a frenzied or raging woman.


November 2006- Oil on Canvas. 6' X 9' Property of Jessica Riley

"To be saved from this sickness by death is an impossibility, because the sickness and its torment- and the death- are precisely this inability to die." -Soren Kierkegaard