Alpine Evening

January 2009. 4' x 4.5'. Oil on Canvas. Property of Sara Pence.
Update in August 2009: 2 year old Solomon Garcia MacFarland, who currently holds the title of Most Important Person in the Eastern Sierra, has made yet more history in his short life by giving my artwork one of the most important critiques I have ever recieved. After being terrified of this painting, "Alpine Evening" for a good hour or so at a dinner party, Solomon overcame his initial (understandable) discomfort to consider it more closely. Finally, in his two year old voice, Solomon pointed at it and said, "it's not that bad." Children tend to know how to look at art better than most adults, so coming from Solomon, I have reason to believe that maybe my work really is "not that bad."


monkeyspinner said...

I like the wiener dogs more. I am finally taking a drawing class and still modeling and doing ceramics.

amber miller said...

love the new art. also, super excited that your blog address is a tribute to geek love. hope you are well.